Resort Grill
1400 E Fort Macon Rd.
 Atlantic Beach NC 
6am - 3pm
Closed Wednesdays
Resort Grill
Atlantic Beach NC Restaurants 
 The Resort Grill in Atlantic Beach NC is located at the Sands Villa Resort on Fort Macon Rd. The Resort Grill serves breakfast and lunch 6 days a week. Everything on the menu is homemade and cooked to order. The Resort Grill is a family oriented restaurant. They have a kid-friendly environment that is perfect for families. When you come by for breakfast, be sure to try "The Resort Omlette." It has everything but the kitchen sink loaded onto a 4 egg omlette.
The Resort Grill also serves hand scooped ice cream. You can even get your hand scooped ice cream in a sundae or creamy milkshake. The Gift Shop in Resort Grill has everything you need for the beach. So, whether you're hungry, hot, or ready to shop, The Resort Grill in Atlantic Beach NC is here to serve you.

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